Combined steam oven with upper controls, Professional Series, 60 cm
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Combined steam oven with upper controls, Professional Series, 60 cm


W x H x D (cm): 59 x 45,5 x 53,5

Burnished Brass / Polished Brass / Satin Nickel / Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Gunmetal / Copper

Painted Steel – Custom colour

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Chefs have loved steam cooking for years because it maintains the flavours, aromas, colours and consistency of ingredients. Doughs are soft inside and crispy on the outside due to the humidity of the air and fewer condiments are needed than in traditional cooking methods. This type of oven combines steaming and traditional ways of cooking to achieve the roasting and crispiness that make dishes even more delectable.

The built-in combined steam oven EFVG401 oven stands out for its handle-free door that protrudes from the wall and opens 180 degrees to the side with an intuitive TFT touch screen.

The stainless-steel cooking chamber provides 30°C hot air for low temperature cooking, reaching a maximum heat of 230°C. The heat can be combined with steam and humidity, which can be adjusted to 0%, 30%, 60%, 80% or 100%.
Programs for low temperature and sous-vide cooking, grilling, defrosting and regeneration.
The oven has a heat sensor, capable of automatic switch-off and a display showing the temperature. Fully automated cleaning and decalcification systems.

Gaggenau mechanism.
Energy Efficiency Class A+

Heating methods

Hot air + 100 % humidity.
Hot air + 80 % humidity.
Hot air + 60 % humidity.
Hot air + 30 % humidity.
Hot air + 0 % humidity.
Low temperature cooking.
Sous-vide cooking.
Full surface grill level 1 + humidity.
Full surface grill level 2 + humidity.
Full surface grill + circulated air.
Dough proofing.


Automatic door opening.
Rotary knob and TFT touch display operation.
Clear text display.
Option to save individual recipes (incl. core temperature probe).
Personalisation of automatic programmes.
Information key with use indications.
Side-opening door opens up to 180° angle.


Full surface grill 2000 W behind glass ceramic.
2 removable 1.7 litre water tanks.
Water level warning.
Three-point core temperature probe with automatic shut-off and estimation of cooking time.
Automatic programmes.
Actual temperature display.
Timer functions: cooking time, cooking time end, timer, stopwatch, long-term timer.
Automatic boiling point detection.
2 x LED light on the side.
Hygienic stainless steel cooking interior.
3 tray levels.
Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) either via cable connection LAN (recommended) or wireless via WiFi.


Child lock.
Safety shut-off.
Cooled housing with temperature protection.


Cleaning programme, fully automatic.
Descaling programme for the steam generator.
Drying programme.
Strainer filter, removable.
Water tank, dishwasher-safe.
Demo cleaning programme.

Planning notes

Door hinge not reversible.
No other electrical appliances should be installed above the BS.
The façade of the appliance extends 47 mm from the furniture cavity.
When planning a corner solution, pay attention to the 90° door opening angle.
The main socket needs to be planned outside of the niche.
The LAN port can be found at the back on the lower left side.


Energy efficiency class A at a range of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to D.
Total connected load 3.1 KW.
Connecting cable 1.8 m with plug.
Plan a LAN cable.
Power consumption standby/display on 0.8 W.
Power consumption standby/display off 0.5 W.
Power consumption standby/network 1.8 W.
Time auto-standby/display on 20 min.
Time auto-standby/display off 20 min.#
Time auto-standby/network 20 min.
Please check the user manual for how to switch off the WiFi module.
Hot air fan rotates in both directions for ideal heat distribution

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