OG Professional Grills

A restaurant in your garden

Blending a legacy of innovation and craftsmanship through the highest quality cooking systems, Officine Gullo Grill Cooking Suite embrace a new world of culinary possibilities, providing an actual outdoor kitchen in a single suite: a sophisticated cooking range that guarantees the same unparalleled performance as a top restaurant kitchen. It’s a centerpiece around which family and friends can gather in the open air.

Thanks to an array of sophisticated accessories, the barbecues enable home cooks to experiment up to 15 different cooking methods, from the usual grilling to smoking, steaming and frying. The barbecues come with accessories that comprise specialist cooking zones.

Officine Gullo Professional Grills are equipped with powerful and highly specialized burners capable of reaching high temperatures and restaurant-level performance. Reaching 800° in just 4 minutes, the infrared burners cook meat 50% quicker than the usual barbecue, therefore avoiding flames that risk burning the food.

The barbecues are manufactured in the highest quality 316 stainless steel, devoid of any ferrous element, hence offering unrivaled duration and total corrosion resistance, plus elegant design. The stainless steel of the structure can be painted in any color in the RAL range as well as custom colors on request, in addition to finishing touches through iconic brass details.

Unlimited colours

green beige
pale beige
sand yellow
signal yellow
golden yellow
honey yellow
maize yellow
chrome yellow
brown beige
lemon yellow
oyster white
light ivory
sulphur yellow
saffron yellow
zinc yellow
grey beige
olive yellow
cadmium yellow
traffic yellow
ochre yellow
curry yellow
melon yellow
broom yellow
dahlia yellow
pastel yellow
yellow orange
red orange
pastel orange
pure orange
bright red orange
traffic orange
signal orange
deep orange
salmon orange
flame red
signal red
carmine red
ruby red
purple red
wine red
black red
oxide red
brown red
beige red
tomato red
antique pink
light pink
coral red
strawberry red
traffic red
salmon red
rasberry red
orient red
red lilac
red violet
heather violet
claret violet
blue lilac
traffic purple
purple violet
signal violet
pastel violet
blue violet
green blue
ultramarine blue
sapphire blue
black blue
signal blue
brillant blue
grey blue
azure blue
gentian blue
steel blue
light blue
cobalt blue
pigeon blue
sky blue
traffic blue
turquoise blue
capri blue
ocean blue
water blue
night blue
universe blue
pastel blue
patina green
emerald green
leaf green
olive green
blue green
moss green
grey olive
bottle green
brown green
fir green
grass green
reseda green
black green
reed green
yellow olive
olive dark
turquoise green
may green
yellow green
pastel green
chrome green
pale green
brown olive
traffic green
fern green
opal green
turkish green
pine green
mint green
signal green
mint turquoise
pastel turquoise
squirrel grey
silver grey
olive grey
moss grey
signal grey
mouse grey
beige grey
kaki grey
green grey
tarpaulin grey
iron grey
basalt grey
brown grey
slate grey
anthacrite grey
black grey
umber rey
concrete grey
graphite grey
granite grey
stone grey
blue grey
pebble grey
cement grey
yellow grey
light grey
platinum grey
dust grey
agate grey
quarz grey
window grey
Traffic grey A
traffic grey B
silk grey
tele grey 1
telegrey 2
telegrey 4
green brown
ocher brown
signal brown
clay brown
copper brown
fawn brown
olive brown
nut brown
red brown
sepia brown
chestnut brown
mahogany brown
chocolate brown
grey brown
dark brown
orange brown
beige brown
pale brown
earth brown
grey white
signal white
signal black
jet black
white aluminium
grey aluminium
pure white
graphite black
traffic white
traffic black
papyrus white

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