Officine Gullo House

A unique space where state-of-the-art Officine Gullo kitchens meet the great history of the city of Florence.

In the heart of Florence

The Officine Gullo House is located in Piazza Ognissanti, in the heart of Florence, in an exceptional location: a former Renaissance chapel, part of the complex of the Church of San Salvatore di Ognissanti.

Visiting the Officine Gullo House is an exclusive experience that combines high gastronomy and culture: an occasion to celebrate Florence, its art, its culinary tradition and its craftsmanship.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with an aperitif and they will learn about the origin of modern cooking at the time of Renaissance Florence. They will then be guided in an exclusive tour of the church of Ognissanti, outside of public opening hours, through a passageway that allows direct access from the House. The church of Ognissanti is a Florence jewel, full of artistic treasures: from Giotto’s Crucifix to frescoes by Ghirlandaio and Botticelli, who is buried here together with Amerigo Vespucci and Carolina Bonaparte.

Once back, the aperitif continues with a cocktail, or a wine tasting session, in the bar area on the upper floor, ending around the large table of the House for the placée dinner: a convivial moment that offers the unique opportunity to taste the delicacies of our best chefs, prepared before your eyes with Officine Gullo cooking equipment.

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