Officine Gullo’s chopping boards are extremely resistant products that are also practical to use and beautiful to look at. A perfect synthesis of form and function, that harmonizes perfectly with the elegant and solid shapes of Officine Gullo kitchens.

A high-quality kitchen deserves a set of high-quality cookware. The line of pots, pans and casseroles in thick copper Officine Gullo has unique characteristics that guarantee an unprecedented and incomparable cooking experience. The external surface shows a fine hammering made by hand, while the internal walls are tin-plated.

The containers that compose the line of jars are objects that not only make work in the kitchen more practical and enjoyable, but also contribute to giving the whole room a fine look even in the smallest detail.

The new Officine Gullo knife blocks are not just practical containers, but elegant objects in solid walnut, solid oak and burnished brass.

The Tuscan art of cutlery has ancient and noble roots that can be found in all the creations of the Officine Gullo knife collection. Steel blades of exceptional quality, forged like ancient swords, meet handles made of blond and brown buffalo horn, deer, ebony and brass; materials that testify our bond with tradition, not intended as a mere repetition of objects from the past, but as a constant work of functional and stylistic research.

Our range of leather goods enriches Officine Gullo table collection. A wide selection of refined accessories inspired by the centuries old Florentine tradition of leather processing. Knife holders, trivets, cutlery sheaths and other Italian artisanship jewels handmade with the best leather.

Details that create ambience

Officine Gullo heightens the kitchen ambience with an elegant selection of table accessories inspired by the finest Florentine craftsmanship. Knives and knife blocks, chopping boards, glasses, cutlery, plates and charging plates, copper pans, bottle racks, leather placemats and bread baskets. The Officine Gullo look makes the home a place to live and be enjoyed, designed for good times and the pleasures of the table.

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