Officine Gullo is a pinnacle of Italian excellence as a producer of metal luxury kitchens, professional cooking appliances and kitchen accessories, thanks to the enlightened vision and drive of founder Carmelo Gullo, now flanked at the company’s helm by his three sons Pietro, Andrea and Matteo. Today, Officine Gullo owns single-brand showrooms in major international cities and design capitals including: Florence, Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Cape Town and Lagos.

The Florentine company is imbued with artisanal and technological innovation, creating exclusively with noble metals such as brass, copper and steel according to traditional Florentine craftsmanship.

None of this would have been possible without Florence

“The beauty of the city, in which we have the good fortune to live and work, amalgamates the two cores of our production: tradition and technology. The wonders of this astonishing place inspire us every day; they guide our imagination every time we devote ourselves to a project. I’m thinking about the perfect geometry concealed on the frontages of Florence’s palazzos, in the frescoes and sculptures which we have as a guideline while we forge the metal for our creations.”

Officine Gullo was founded in Florence, Italy, where Carmelo Gullo honed bespoke kitchens and accessories inherited from the finest nineteenth-century Florentine cooking traditions, in partnership with local mechanical workshops and bronze artisans, shaping noble metals such as high-thickness steel, burnished copper, cast iron and brass. Officine Gullo luxury kitchens have always shone with their handcrafted, prestigious metal finishes.

Kitchens manufactured entirely from metal and made to measure for stately villas have been a highlight of the Florentine artisan tradition for centuries. During the 1900s, as the steel industry gained pace, countless artistic foundries around Florence developed expertise in crafting fine metal kitchens, which became an object of desire for all of Europe’s upper middle classes.

This tradition was on the verge of being lost forever when Carmelo Gullo returned the custom to life by carefully saving the appearance, materials and techniques before flanking the past with modern technology used to cook and store food in professional kitchens.

Timeless design

Eternal design, top performance, tradition and innovation: these are the cornerstones on which Officine Gullo has built its success as one of the leading Italian design companies worldwide.
In Officine Gullo luxury kitchens, tailor-made structures coexist alongside innovative technology of cooking and refrigeration equipment. Design is what joins these two very different spirits, blending the tradition of artistic metalworking with precision mechanics.

“Design” does not only mean aesthetics. It also stands for planning, the arrangement of all the elements in a harmonious context, aimed at optimizing functionality, performance, and ergonomics.
Officine Gullo kitchens, in addition to being technological jewels and accomplishments of high craftsmanship, are masterpieces of design, as it is only due to meticulous research and planning that these two diametrically opposed aspects can coexist harmoniously, leading to a unique product.

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