Vacuuming drawer, Professional Series, 60 cm
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Vacuuming drawer, Professional Series, 60 cm


W x H x D (cm): 59 x 14 x 54,2

Burnished Brass / Polished Brass / Satin Nickel / Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Gunmetal / Copper

Painted Steel – Custom colour

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Sous-vide drawers are versatile tools to preserve and cook in addition to preventing waste.
They help to seal food in a vacuum, which is the perfect technique for extending the life of food as well as being a healthy cooking method that enhances aromas and flavours. In sous-vide cooking, food is cooked in a vacuum pack at constantly low temperatures in a water bath or in a steam oven. This process is perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, given that the nutritional values and aromas are maintained due to the lower heat levels.
The method is equally useful for marinating and flavouring food, such as marinating meat.
Another advantage of the sous-vide drawer is the extended conservation of foodstuffs, which remain unchanged once prepared sous-vide, as if the meal had just been prepared, hence reducing waste. Nutritional values, flavours and vitamins stay the same over for longer than freezing. Liquids, such as soups, can also be vacuum packed.
To protect foods as much as possible and to achieve superb results, three sous-vide levels are available, depending on the sensitivity to pressure of the foodstuff: lower for fruit and vegetables; intermediate for foods with a high percentage of liquids; high for meat.
The sous-vide drawer ECSG201 stands out for its installation flush to the wall; it can be integrated in 14 cm high recesses (9.5 cm of which can be used). With a width of 60 cm it can be combined with a fully automatic espresso machine, a multifunction, combined steam or microwaves oven or, to complete the configuration, with a warming drawer.
The suction chamber is manufactured from stainless steel.
Gaggenau mechanism.


Vacuuming for sous-vide cooking.
Vacuuming for fast marinating and flavouring.
Vacuuming for fast marinating and flavouring.
Vacuuming of vacuuming containers outside the chamber.
Vacuuming of liquids in bottles outside the chamber.


Touch key operation.


Net volume 7 litres.
Capacity load max. 10 kg.
Maximum size of vacuuming bags W 240 mm x L 350 mm.
3 heat-sealing levels for different strengths of bag material.
Sealing bar, non-stick coating, removable.
Safety glass cover, opens automatically after vacuuming.
Raised vacuuming platform, 44 mm, deployable.
Utility space in vacuuming chamber, W 210 mm x L 275 mm.
Membrane for avoiding reflow of liquids during vacuuming outside the chamber.
Drying programme for vacuuming pump.
Warning function.

Planning notes

Necessary lateral gap between appliance front and furniture panel of min. 5 mm.
The panel surface of the appliance extends 21 mm from the furniture cavity.
Built-in under worktop or in single niche.
The socket can be planned behind the appliance.


Total connected load 0.32 KW.

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