Infrared rotisserie, 60 cm
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Infrared rotisserie, 60 cm


W x H x D (cm): 60 x 80 x 65

Burnished Brass / Polished Brass / Satin Nickel / Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Gunmetal / Copper

Painted Steel – Custom colour

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Ancient cooking in the present. Cooking on a spit is one of the oldest and healthiest methods in the world. The rotisserie was the forefather of kitchen appliances, the first mechanical tool to lend a helping hand to the cooking of roasted meats.
According to late medieval records, the rotisserie rod was the natural extension of the iron spears sharpened to hunt large animals. Other documents state 1450 as the year in which the mechanical arm became the French rotisserie. Even Leonardo da Vinci, a culinary connoisseur, had a mechanical spit roast among his inventions: a skewer with rotating propellers that turned with the heat from the flames. Meat is still roasted, leisurely turning over the source of heat, until it becomes perfectly browned all over.

The professional modulated infrared rotisserie is manufactured in stainless steel with antique-effect brass finishes. The rotisserie
has a capacity of up to 9 kg and it is the perfect way to cook several foods at the same time.
The professional rotisserie combine the infrared cooking method with a built-in rotating movement: the food being cooked rotates continuously and harmoniously from the upper part of the oven, where it is exposed to infrared rays and it is cooked, to the lower part of the oven, where it is enriched with oxygen. From meat, to fish, to vegetables, everything is cooked in the best way, simply setting the cooking time.
The multicooker offers simultaneous cooking with different timing for each type of food and cooking tool, automatic energy modulation and auto programming based on the mass inserted in the cooking chamber, constant cooking result without ventilation and steam.
Ideal for all meats that need to reach a core temperature of 55/60°C and an even pink color of the meat: Fillets, loins and all low-fat meat.
Ideal for all muscle-rich and collagen-rich meats that need to reach a core temperature above 80°C and are usually braised in the pot: Pork knuckle, beef cheek, shoulder or pork belly.
Ideal for cooking white meat, vegetables and fish as well as mussels and crustaceans with spectacular results at reduced cooking times.
The extraordinary finishing. Ideal for even tanning and tasteful roasted aromas. Suitable for whole as well as pre-portioned products such as roasts, meat skewers as well as fish fillets.

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