Wine dispenser, Professional Series, 60 cm
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Wine dispenser, Professional Series, 60 cm


W x H x D (cm): 55 x 57,9 x 32

Burnished Brass / Polished Brass / Satin Nickel / Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Gunmetal / Copper

Painted Steel – Custom colour

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When a bottle of wine is opened, the oxidation process begins straightaway and the aromas start to change. Wine dispensers solve this problem, keeping wine drinkable for up to four weeks. As soon as the bottle has been opened, the dispenser system ensures that the wine remains the same due to the inflow of inert gas (Nitrogen or Argon) that disperses the air containing oxygen, hence preventing the oxidation of the wine.

Wine dispenser are designed to preserve, chill and serve wines straight from the bottle to the glass. Wine by the glass is served at the right temperature by the control system, guaranteeing the utmost serving hygiene due to the in-built cleaning system.

The Officine Gullo Wine Dispenser combines elegance, keeping the bottles the center of the attention, and high end functionality. It is equipped with a Touch Control that allows to set up to three different dosage for each one of the four bottle positions, intelligent led system with energy saver and no-frostprofessional cooling system.
The service temperature can be set from 5° to 18°C (41° to 65°F).

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