The kitchen gets dressed up in 24-carat gold

Officine Gullo presents the most luxurious of finishes.

Gold: the ultimate glorious symbol of fine aesthetics and unrivalled prestige, whose dazzling light has adorned and decorated every form of beauty since ancient times, enriching interiors with a welcoming, luxurious and elegant atmosphere.
From today, this most precious of metals enters the world of kitchens, thanks to the new super-luxury finish in real 24-carat gold that Officine Gullo will present at the Salone del Mobile 2022.

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The Florentine company continues its research and development into the use of noble metals, an indisputable strong point of the company. Indeed, the frames of Officine Gullo kitchens have always been made using prestigious materials with extraordinary qualities such as steel, copper and brass, which are chosen and hand-crafted with considerable thicknesses, varying from 2 to 7 mm.

In addition to the wide range of finishes available for the metal details, including polished chrome, burnished brass, satin chrome, nickel, copper and gunmetal, the 24-carat gold finish with its precious sheen is now also available.
Metal parts such as frames, corners, hinges, knobs, latches and handles are plated by way of a special processing technique using a 24-carat pure gold solution. The kitchen thus gains an eternal value, creating a symbiosis of metals of absolute value, characterised by a unique and timeless aesthetic.