Outdoor kitchens: 5 ideas for an exclusive and sophisticated outdoor space

Outdoor kitchens with high technology and unmistakable style

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, the most lived-in room, where a family spends around 70% of its time, cooking the day’s meals and simply spending time together. Just thinking about the kitchen conjures up images of a warm and welcoming environment, a lovely place to be.

What if we could create new spaces for family gatherings, even outside of the home?

Officine Gullo applies all its knowledge, experience, and expertise in the development of design-led kitchens to designing outside BBQ kitchens, where luxury, elegance, functionality, and haute cuisine entwine, creating an inviting outdoor space for friends and family. Somewhere you can meet in the morning for breakfast, maybe prepare a stellar lunch using the finest professional cooking tools and appliances, perhaps refresh after a dip in the water with a cocktail by the pool, enjoy a relaxing aperitif, and wait for your dining companions to savor a gourmet dinner beneath a starlit sky. Life moments spent in company, enjoying outdoors cooking, and making memories to treasure in a stylish and sophisticated exterior kitchen.

By combining stand-alone elements from the outdoor kitchen collection, Officine Gullo offers a boundless range of customized design solutions. Whether for a large or small terrace, garden, or patio, Officine Gullo outdoor kitchens provide a unique design solution that can be personalized to meet your every need.

Summer is on its way. Will you seize the opportunity to live your best outdoor life?

Outdoor kitchens for small spaces

Usually, if we think of an outdoor kitchen, we imagine something on a vast scale, when in actual fact it can even just be a cozy corner with an outdoor kitchen BBQ.

All you really need to set up an outdoor kitchen is to pair a freestanding or built-in barbecue with a side burner and sink area, some space for food preparation, and outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

This is an excellent design set up for those with limited space, where you can maximize the functionality of the outdoor kitchen without neglecting the design.

U-shaped design for unique and functional terrace kitchens

If you have a larger space available, the optimal configuration is undoubtedly a U-shaped one. This configuration allows those who use the kitchen to have three sides available for accessories according to their specific needs and tastes. This outdoor kitchen design can be enhanced with several appliances, such as a warming drawer or under-counter refrigerators, and completed by setting up each of the three sides for a specific function: washing, cooking, preparation, and entertainment, with a bar counter equipped with stools.

Linear composition for elegant garden kitchens

A linear composition is definitely the most popular format for outdoor kitchen units, accompanied by an island with a sink area, plus a large worktop for food preparation. This is a simple yet effective outdoor garden kitchen design that provides plenty of space for food preparation and cooking and keeps friends and family together with bar stool seating where they can savor freshly cooked food.

A pizza oven

Who says outdoor kitchens should just include a BBQ?

The Officine Gullo range features an endless number of cooking appliances that can be integrated into the design of your outdoor kitchens, and any worthy Italian kitchen will of course include a pizza oven!

This professional outdoor kitchen includes various appliances and the pizza oven is certainly a focal one.

Outdoor master kitchens

Some people regard their outdoor spaces as an extension of the home, which is why they require their luxury outdoor kitchen to have all the same functionalities as an indoor kitchen.

This outdoor kitchen design, which was crafted for a family in Colorado, is exactly that and acts as the focal point of the entire outside space.

The bbq offers 15 different cooking functions and professional grills can grill, smoke, steam, and fry. This outdoor BBQ area features a built-in ice drawer: a great way to keep drinks cold and ready to serve. The outdoor kitchen is right by the lake deck and can be seen when arriving by boat, which is why the owners wanted it to be amazing!

This is not only an outdoor kitchen, but also a bar, a place to hang out and chat, and a dining room.

Outdoor kitchen in steel

The outdoor kitchen, designed specifically for outdoor living, stands out by the use of high-quality AISI 316 stainless steel, known for its exceptional anti-corrosive abilities. This low-ferrous material provides unrivaled durability, total hardiness against corrosion, and elegant design possibilities capable of enhancing any particular style of furnishings.

Furthermore, stainless steel is a naturally antibacterial material, which makes it perfect for food preparation where hygiene and safety are essential. Unlike other materials, food remains pristine after being in contact with the surface, plus steel’s natural purity makes it one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials available. 100% recyclable, steel guarantees a circular economy with an almost eternal lifecycle, as it can be recycled countless times without ever decreasing in quality.

Outdoor kitchens from Officine Gullo combine the use of this fine material with precision mechanics, harnessing all the Italian brand’s expertise in designing cooking and refrigeration systems, as well as high-performance and functional furnishings, like in this beautiful project located in the outdoor area of the Belmond Hotel at Castello di Casole.

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