A Luxury Kitchen: how to design the perfect custom kitchen

Designing a luxury kitchen is all about fulfilling — and far surpassing the client’s wishes.

For Officine Gullo, the definition of a luxury kitchen is bringing top-of-the-range restaurant amenities to your home so that you can prepare food within the comfort of your own four walls just like chefs do in their establishments. Therefore, all the cooking elements are capable of professional performance, but are made by taking into consideration household ergonomics for everyday home use with the utmost convenience.


Features of Luxury Italian Kitchens

luxury kitche designMetal: Luxury Italian interior design has a superlative role to play as experienced hands craft the finest materials, such as high-thickness stainless steel and burnished brass finishes. In fact, noble metals like cast iron and copper are used to craft kitchens that are intended to last forever in a gesture of considered sustainability.

Technology: The kitchen comes equipped with the very best professional cooking appliances and refrigeration. An island is a focal point in any luxury metal kitchen where guests can gather around the perfectly conceived kitchen block. Certainly, their design cleverly conceals storage space, a dishwasher and a luxury induction range. Finally, high-caliber design revolves around the extraction hood. Mounted on the wall or ceiling, these technological achievements clear the air while making a distinctive statement.







luxury kitchen cabinets

Elegance and design: Handcrafted washbasins equipped with luxury faucets grace stone and marble worktops. A luxury sink ennobles the kitchen space, adding style, charm and refinement. Luxury kitchen cabinets seamlessly occupy the walls with their wood joinery and hallmark metal trim as well as built-in luxury kitchen appliances. Top-of-the-range refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, blast chillers and sous-vide machines — which are included as individual components or integrated into columns.

Tradition: Luxury Italian kitchen designs incorporate signature features. For instance, the Fiorentina luxury range cooker by Officine Gullo is inspired by the kitchens of nineteenth-century Florentine palaces, and the city’s fleur-de-lis trademark motif.





custom luxury kitchen


Choosing the Colour of your Luxury Kitchen

Your kitchen can be crafted in any color on the RAL chart, in addition to customized shades available on request. A spectrum of finishes is available for the brass details, such as the trims and handles, from classic galvanic finishes, including polished chrome, black or satin-finish nickel. As a result, colored touches for a tone-on-tone effect or as a contrast with the color of the structure. Another option is an opaque high-tech finish in soft shades for an ultra-modern effect.







Luxury Kitchen Appliances

luxury kitchen appliances

Now that you’ve created the overall design of your kitchen, it’s time to consider what appliances you’ll need to make your workspace practical for home professional cooking.

  • Ovens: Depending on your preferred cooking methods, we provide a selection of professional luxury ovens, gas and electric ranges. Our burners can release up to 10kW in power. In addition, optionals are on offer such as lava stone grills, coup de feu, fry-tops, steamers, coffee machines and pasta cookers.
  • Refrigerators: Equip your kitchen with professional refrigeration and freezer units complete with wine fridges and blast chillers. The kitchen appliances units can be fitting into the cabinetry or left freestanding. Luxury is wellbeing too, and fresher food that is stored well is of paramount importance for delicious dishes and our health.








The time has come to design your luxury kitchen.italian luxury kitchen design

Officine Gullo’s Design Center planners are on hand for clients who wish to devise a kitchen according to their personal tastes. Given that every kitchen is fully customizable in terms of composition, dimensions, colors and finishes, the design originates from an in-depth exchange between clients and designers who interpret your wishes. The Materials Library, on the Officine Gullo Antella site near Florence, contains an archive of materials, colors and finishes, which are essential in the development of new kitchen projects. Close by, the Creative Lab houses a team of specialists who shape projects through photo-realistic rendering and virtual reality experiences.