Fridge-freezer with wine cellar premium series

Fridge-freezer with wine cellar premium series


W x H x D (cm): 121 x 185 x 66,5

Burnished Brass / Polished Brass / Satin Nickel / Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Gunmetal / Copper

Painted Steel – Custom colour

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The FRKLI01F fridge combines in a single appliance: a single door refrigerator, a vertical freezer and a wine cellar. It stands out both for its large internal capacity and for its extraordinary technology. The body is heavy gauge stainless steel built, painted and finished with burnished, nickel or chrome plated brass to match the kitchens and cooking suites.
Energy Efficiency Class A+++

Bio-Fresh Plus

An independent electronic system allows to adjust the temperature and humidity of the upper drawer of the refrigerator compartment. Three different temperatures:
● 0 ° C: the recommended temperature for storing meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.
● -2 ° C: for the ideal conservation of fish and seafood. This is the temperature at which freshly caught fish is cooled and stored on the ships in a mixture of salt, water and ice, so as to prolong its life.
● + 6 ° C: the best conditions are created to conserve tropical fruit.


The NoFrost system provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, long-term storage of food. The NoFrost technology creates a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free.


Accurate and independent temperature control of the fridge and freezer compartments is facilitated by DuoCooling: two separately adjustable cooling circuits. There is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartment, so that odours cannot be transferred and the stored food is prevented from drying out.

Wine cellar

Professional wine cellar with two independent areas. Each one can be regulated between + 5 ° and + 20 °.

Ice Maker

● Ice-Maker with fixed water connection. The plumbed-in Ice-Maker automatically keeps you topped up with the finest quality ice cubes.


Drawers mounted on telescopic rails. The drawers extend on smooth-running telescopic rails and can be conveniently removed at a door opening angle of 90°.
Energy Efficiency Class A+++

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