Stainless Style

In a bright environment, characterized by large windows overlooking the Duomo, Officine Gullo, in collaboration with Varallo Real Estate, created a professional-style kitchen, which has become the heart of a splendid Milan apartment.

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The kitchen was equipped with the best residential-level professional technology, allowing the owners – big cooking enthusiasts – to cook in their own home as chefs in a restaurant, without giving up the warmth of a “real” domestic kitchen. The kitchen is divided into two main areas, one characterized by a large central island, around which family and friends can meet in their day-to-day activities, and the second by a linear kitchen, with the best cooking appliances.

Specifically, the island comprises a large satin-finish stainless steel worktop with induction hob, pasta cooker, smooth fry-top, and a washing area with a welded satin-finish steel sink and polished chrome-finish tap. The lower part houses several cabinets, a multifunctional oven, and a professional dishwasher.
A professional pyramid hood with motor, internal LED lights, and shelving completes the visible area.
In front of the island, dividing this first kitchen environment from the second one, there is a bespoke wall of appliances and display cabinets with a strong visual impact, housing two professional refrigerators.

The second kitchen area, for preparing and cooking food, features a professional cooking suite with an electric pasta cooker, a 4-area induction hob, an electric fryer, and a frytop grill. The kitchen is completed by a multifunctional oven and a professional dishwasher.
For the kitchen color, the customers opted for polished chrome finishes and an unpainted stainless steel structure, to make all the features of this eternal, fascinating and functional material stand out.

Steel – whose processing is one of the strengths of this Florence-based company – is the material par excellent when creating a professional kitchen. Synonym with strength and modernity, it is also unchangeable over time, bacteria-resistant, high temperature-resistant, and practical for day-to-day management. Stainless steel kitchens are not just practical, resistant and functional, they are also actual art and designer pieces, adding a touch of uniqueness and beauty to your home.
Metal perfectly blends in modern and classic environments, creating a fascinating and timeless atmosphere.