Restart cooking ranges

Florentine kitchen company, Officine Gullo known for its specialist cooking appliances and metal-work kitchens announces a third range ‘Restart’ to join two existing collections of cookers and hoods, the ‘OG Professional’ and ‘Fiorentina’. The new design is modelled on an original collection developed by founder, Carmelo Gullo for residential kitchens in the Tuscan metalworking tradition in the 1980s. It was replaced by a professional cooking-line for home use but has been re-introduced due to growing demand for an entry level product with a purely domestic function. For 2020, the company has taken this iconic range and updated it to suit modern tastes and expectations.

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Unlike other Officine Gullo ranges, the Restart mechanic is for the highest level of domestic cooking. As with all the ranges, hoods, refrigerators and cooking tops which form the collection it is created in the company’s metalworking workshops, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, with the same meticulous attention to details and craftsmanship. The Restart Range features unique, artisanal aspects found in all Officine Gullo collections with bespoke options available in the colour, metal finishes as well as various cooktop options including burners, fry top and induction.

Restart cooking ranges can be used with timber, metal or freestanding kitchens, they are a freestanding product that can stand alone within the kitchen or be designed to integrate with an existing or new kitchen. This independence is a standout feature, breaking away from continuity and allow-ing the range to create a cooking focal point in the space. The ranges are available in four models from 90 to 120 cm wide. In all the four models, the cold door of the oven with triple removable glass is perfectly insulated thanks to the three layers. Three configurations available to blend in perfectly with both the most classic and the most contemporary spaces: classic door, glass door and solid door.