Simple modern elegance

Artisan traditions are explored through original designs, which conceal a simple aesthetic alongside advanced techniques and functionality. The Contemporanea Collection is the revolutionary new style addition to Officine Gullo kitchens, a modern take on the company’s iconic kitchens. The Contemporanea Collection embodies youthful, contemporary luxury, the epitome of the highest expressions of design, craftsmanship and technology.

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What makes Contemporanea kitchens unique is the choice of materials from which they are crafted. We only use noble metals, such as high-thickness steel for the structure and solid brass for the finishes. The Contemporanea Collection comprises modern kitchens in which metal is the central element. An outsider in a market for which the elegance of steel is frequently reduced to artificiality through lacquering and texturing, and in which the words “metallic colour/effect” are all too often used. In this new Officine Gullo collection, steel is the only material used, alongside brass explored in various finishes. This is a contemporary and curated concept for steel connoisseurs who understand the material’s aesthetic and functional value. The Contemporanea Collection is a product of the expertise honed by Officine Gullo: technological knowledge that harnesses this material’s expressive potential and versatility. Steel acquires style in the Contemporanea Collection, looking to the future and destined to endure over time.

Like in a dashing luxury car, a modern technological heart beats in Contemporanea Collection kitchens, while the simply designed bodywork is built using the finest materials, as in all Officine Gullo creations: steel plates measuring up to 3mm in thickness and finished with precious solid brass details. The technology used to paint the kitchen structure is the same used in the car world: powder coating. The result is a water-resistant robust paint that withstands impact much more than traditional paints.
The kitchen structure can be crafted in any colour on the RAL chart, in addition to customized shades available on request. A spectrum of finishes is available for the brass details, such as the trims and handles, from classic galvanic finishes, including polished chrome, black or satin-finish nickel, to coloured touches for a tone-on-tone effect or as a contrast with the colour of the structure. Another option is an opaque high-tech finish in soft shades for an ultra-modern effect. Endless solutions to craft a kitchen tailored to your tastes.

Officine Gullo recommends two materials for the tops in the Contemporanea Collection: stainless steel and marble. Both materials are famous for their hygiene, water resistance, easy cleaning and ability to withstand impact, abrasion and heat.
Stainless steel is the material that has the most visual impact on the kitchen space. Synonymous of strength, this material stays the same over time, resistant to bacteria and heat, and practical in terms of everyday management.
Marble epitomizes elegance. It provides immediate beauty, regardless of the space, and is resistant to impact, cuts and abrasions. Marble endures over time and remains extremely hygienic.

The furnishings have pure aesthetic and functional value with straightforward, contemporary forms in which every element is designed – and arranged in the space – to be functional and practical. The thin multifunctional push-pull drawer, a constant throughout the collection, conceals functional accessories such as chopping boards and partitions. The edges are perfectly smooth and the corners rounded due to the detail-oriented craftsmanship, while screws and joints are hidden for an impeccable finish. Walnut or oak wooden containers are available to keep cutlery, utensils and knifes tidy, as well as glass jars for spices and bottles. Renaissance-inspired hinges have been removed from the Contemporanea Collection kitchen and replaced with a slow soft-close system on the doors.
The innovative top contains a groove, which conceals an LED that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. The handles are crafted to conceal doors and drawers in the upper section of the kitchen.