Tessieri school and Officine Gullo

Together, with a focus on people

Two great examples of Tuscan entrepreneurship joined forces and their knowledge at the crossroads of a shared path. Two companies, one step away from being large corporate entities yet still family-owned and operating in the field of excellent craftsmanship, reaffirmed the notion that people are still the beating heart of any endeavour, as it should be.

Imagine Tuscany at the time of Catherine de Medici, who had a significant influence on the meeting between the French and the Italian cuisines in the sixteenth century. Imagine Tuscany and the Medici’s villas, such as those in Poggio a Caiano, where for centuries, crowds of cooks and pastry chefs worked in prestigious environments, among tall fireplaces, fires, ovens, and stoves, to prepare refined recipes for the Grand Dukes, their courts and their international guests.

Chefs and their recipes provided a substantial contribution to Tuscan history and politics.
The Tessieri School, a true atelier of the culinary arts, is committed to High Education for chefs and pastry chefs, both those approaching the profession for the first time and the professionals who wish to specialise or upgrade their skills in various areas of the culinary arts.

The collaboration between Scuola Tessieri and Officine Gullo emerged as a logical consequence of the meeting of these two complementary and contiguous worlds, both striving for perfection in all they do. Two entities that generate culture in the most tangible sense of the word. Scuola Tessieri embodies culinary professionalism and knowledge of every technique used in the preparation and processing of the dishes, while Officine Gullo can provide the most technologically advanced tools in an exclusive and elegant fashion. Technology, aesthetics, and ergonomics make Officine Gullo’s kitchens unique, created to make people feel able to cook in their own homes like professional chefs in their restaurants, and it is precisely this aspect that the chefs of Scuola Tessieri are called upon to highlight.

The meeting that marks the beginning of this collaboration could only occur in an extraordinary location: at Officine Gullo House, in Piazza Ognissanti in Florence, in the deconsecrated Renaissance chapel that is part of the San Salvatore a Ognissanti complex. Giotto’s Crucifix and Ghirlandaio and Botticelli’s frescoes bear witness to haute cuisine and culture joined by art and history because it is indeed in art and history that they find their own roots.

Officine Gullo House

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