How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Tap



7 Essential Tips for Selecting the Ideal Kitchen Tap

Replacing the faucets in the kitchen can profoundly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space, perhaps more than expected. Faucets serve not only functional purposes but also contribute a measure of luxury and enduring elegance to your dwelling. 

Nevertheless, the task of selecting an appropriate luxury kitchen faucet is formidable. Given the plethora of exquisite choices available, determining the ideal option for your home can be challenging. Presented here are seven essential tips to aid in the selection of a new luxury tap, poised to refine your kitchen’s style.

Consider the Necessary Features

When determining the ideal tap for your residence, it is imperative to first assess the specific requirements of your kitchen. Do you necessitate a faucet with an arched spout, a pot filler, or a side spray? What should be the height of the spout relative to your sink? These functional aspects must be meticulously evaluated before finalizing the design, ensuring that the selection is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for your culinary needs. After pinpointing these crucial features, you may delight in choosing the design of your high-end faucet.

  • Types of Kitchen Taps and Mixers: Consider the layout of your kitchen, the available space, and your specific needs. Often, you will opt for countertop taps—those mounted directly on the sink. Alternatively, wall-mounted taps save space and have become popular for their modern look.
  • Handle Types: Mixers are the most common type of kitchen faucet, featuring a single lever to adjust water flow and temperature. Dual control models have separate handles for hot and cold water, offering a classic look and precise temperature control.
  • Features of Taps with Pull-Out Spray: Mixers with a pull-out spray offer versatility thanks to their internal flexible hose of varying lengths. This feature simplifies tasks like washing foods and dishes, enhancing hygiene. The pull-out spray also allows for various water delivery options, similar to a shower, and facilitates thorough sink cleaning.

Choose Between Sink-Mounted and Deck-Mounted Designs

Sink-mounted faucets are suitable if you use your existing sink but are limited by the pre-existing mounting holes. Deck-mounted faucets, which sit on your countertop, provide more freedom in design and are ideal for under-mounted sinks, though they do take up countertop space.

Selecting the Right Tap Finish

The collection of tapware is made of solid brass and is available in three different finishes, to best blend in with various projects and satisfy all preferences.

  • Burnished Brass: The burnishing effect is carried out strictly by hand, and makes the surface uneven, darkens it, and recreates a sort of “appeasing aging”. Brass is not unchangeable but shows signs over time. It is alive and ages, revealing its beauty more and more.
  • Satin Nickel: The metal takes on a “warm” silvery hue and is then made opaque through a further brushing process.
  • Polished Chrome: The effect is that of “mirror” polishing, which adapts perfectly to the most modern and contemporary spaces.  For a cohesive design, match your faucet’s finish with other hardware in your kitchen, such as drawer pulls and light fixtures.

Match Your Style

Whether your kitchen is sleek and modern or traditional and charming, ensure your faucet complements the overall style. Officine Gullo kitchen taps are available in a wide range of models with timeless charm that blend perfectly with the most classic and the most contemporary spaces. Some models offer the possibility of choosing, for example, the type of knob, to immediately distinguish the environment with a more classic or industrial character.


Add a Pot Filler

A pot filler is a luxury addition to any kitchen, especially for avid cooks. It simplifies cooking by allowing you to fill pots directly on the stove, saving effort and adding a stylistic element to your kitchen decor.

Choose High-End Quality and Finest Materials

The thickness of the noble metals – solid brass castings – with which Officine Gullo kitchen taps are made, is immediately evident. The weight of the taps is the immediate confirmation.


Look for Exclusive Design and Mechanics

Officine Gullo taps have buried their roots in the centuries-old tradition of the most refined craftsmanship, combining noble materials to the new standards in design and modern luxury. Every product tells a story, created through a unique collaboration that involves designers, engineers, and artisans. The design of these artifacts is absolutely exclusive, the result of careful research and exploration that spans various sectors: from mechanics to hydraulics to the nautical sector, in which some control levers and knobs are eye-catching. The result is objects that look like works of art – unique and inimitable.

Discover the ease and excitement of selecting a luxury kitchen tap with Officine Gullo, and transform the look of your kitchen. With Officine Gullo, you can outfit your home with the finest high-end kitchen faucets, all featuring unique and timeless designs.

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