Colourful Kitchens: Our Favourite Kitchen Colours for Your Next Project

Colour is a crucial consideration when designing a dream kitchen. In recent years, Google searches for ‘what color to paint my kitchen’ have surged as the choice of color is at the center of every kitchen renovation. Below is a showcase of colourful kitchens by Officine Gullo worldwide, each telling a unique story and character.

Yellow Kitchens

Yellow infuses energy and warmth, confirming itself as one of the 12 most popular kitchen colors of the year. In Val d’Orcia, a custom-made kitchen in a soft yellow brightens the space and provides an original base for contrasting stainless steel details.

Orange Kitchens

Orange adds character and energy to any kitchen. On the Tuscany coast, a stunning orange island with an extractor hood takes center stage, making the kitchen the heart of the house.

Green Kitchens

This Florentina cooking range exemplifies the bold use of vibrant colours in kitchen design. A few colorful accents can make a white kitchen come alive. The green cooking range and hood create a refreshed space, showing how fearless colour choices can transform a kitchen into a striking focal point.

Pink Kitchens

Rich or chalky shades of pink can be sophisticated, as demonstrated in this project featuring a custom-made color, Pantone ‘Cream Tan’ 13-1108, paired with polished copper finish for the edges and handles that add a touch of luxury. The rest of the furnishings are characterized by light colors, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Red Kitchens

Vivacious and elegant, red is an energetic choice. A red and burnished brass tailor-made kitchen fits perfectly in a space with high durmast wooden beamed ceilings, old brick arches, and traditional tile floors. Red uplifts darker rooms without much natural light, and combining it with raw materials like natural woods and stone prevents it from appearing too bright or garish.

Soft Blue Kitchens

Blue kitchens never go out of style. Blue is a reliable choice for a winning kitchen scheme, pairing beautifully with wood, marble, and terracotta. Here, a tailor-made kitchen features elegant soft blue and burnished brass finishes.

Bold Blue Kitchens

Blue, associated with the sky and sea, is calm and soothing, making it ideal for introducing serenity into a busy kitchen. A bold blue kitchen island can be an eye-catching focal point.

Turquoise Kitchens

For his kitchen, Edgardo Osorio, founder and Creative Director of Aquazzura, chose Pantone turquoise with nickel finishes. The professional-grade cooking and refrigeration equipment fit perfectly in an environment with a parquet floor painted with stripes and hand-decorated walls. Vibrant motifs recall 18th-century Chinese porcelain, transporting the observer to an exotic garden and distant places.

Colourful kitchens are more than just a trend; they reflect personality and style. Whether you choose the warmth of yellow, the energy of orange, the boldness of green, the sophistication of pink, the vibrancy of red, the calmness of blue, or the exotic charm of turquoise, the right colour can transform your kitchen into a unique space. Let these inspirations guide you in creating a functional kitchen and a beautiful expression of your tastes and lifestyle.

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