Under the Tuscan Sun

The kitchen space lights up with a sunny shade, the colour “Zafferano” Yellow, a true burst of energy that enhances the design of this kitchen, located in the Tuscan hills, in a splendid villa in Val d’Orcia. The environment, characterised by the rustic charm of exposed wooden beams, sees the kitchen extending on three sides. The first side hosts the cooking block from the ‘Restart’ collection, the second side features a counter block with a wooden top, drawers, and storage compartments, while the third side is dedicated to refrigeration with two columns of appliances separated by a wooden insert with a wine rack. A combination of tradition and innovation transforms this kitchen into a unique and welcoming space, exuding warmth and character, like a ray of sunshine shining under the Tuscan sky.

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy.

Cooking block Restart with 4 burners, fry-top with multifunction electric oven, domestic dome hood. Built-in dishwasher. Fridge column and freezer column.

Colors and Materials
“Zafferano” Yellow and Satin Chrome Finishes.

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