Pure Azulejo

In Portugal, a luxurious private residence is home to the latest project by Officine Gullo. It’s a dream kitchen, made entirely from the finest materials, such as high-thickness stainless steel for the structure, powder coated in an original Pastel Blue shade. The colour choice is a tribute to one of the best-known decorative arts in Portugal, azulejos, whose bright hues, especially in shades of blue and white, are interspersed with the light ceramic surfaces, sparking ever-changing geometric motifs.

Lisbon, Portugal.

Linear kitchen (4 metres) with an induction stove, a range with 6 high-performance gas burners, a coup de feu, and a smooth and grooved fry top. The lower part consists of an electric oven and a dishwasher. Set of built-in appliances, including a refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, blast chiller and a sous-vide machine.

Colours and finishings
Pastel Blue and Burnished Brass

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