Orange is the Happiest Colour

A tailor-made kitchen where a bold shade of orange brings unparalleled vibrancy and energy to the environment. The large island is the central feature of this kitchen. Made with a stainless steel top with a diamond-edged brass border, it houses a 128 cm professional cooking block with 4 burners and a wok, offering a high-quality culinary experience. Drawers and large pull-out baskets ensure efficient organisation, while the stainless steel sink and the brushed brass mixer tap with articulated arm add a touch of elegance and practicality. The pyramid hood on the island, with an extractor motor and labyrinth filters, ensures maximum safety and hygiene. On the side, the equipped wall dedicated to refrigeration completes the setting, offering a built-in fridge, a wine cellar, and a fridge-freezer. Next to them, a pull-out column and a pantry column with wooden shelves and internal metal drawers add further practicality and functionality.

Ansedonia, Grosseto, Italy.

OG Professional 128 with 4 burners and a wok, stainless steel sink, and brushed brass mixer tap with articulated arm. Pyramid hood on the island, with extractor motor and labyrinth filters. Built-in fridge, wine cellar, and fridge-freezer.

Colors and Materials
Reddish Orange (RAL 2001) and brushed brass finishes.

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