A Winter Dream

A rich, functional space for those who want to cook in restaurant style in their own home. Two white and chrome islands with symmetrical positioning in the centre of the room so as to guarantee comfort and room to move between the washing area, the cook top and the work top. This large, welcoming kitchen is equipped with all of the accessories from Officine Gullo, from appliances, such as the professional cooker, wine fridge and two more fridges, to the stunning, elegant solutions to organise space inside the islands and on the shelves. The space is completed by two columns of appliance adjacent to the cooker.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

Customised OG Professional cooker consisting of a pasta cooker, 4 burners, a solid plate, a fry- top and a multi-function oven. Adjacent to the cooker are two appliance columns with a multifunction oven, a steam oven and a microwave. The project is completed with a dishwasher and a wall of appliances consisting of two refrigerators and a wine refrigerator.

Colors and Materials
Blue Green and Signal White (RAL 6004 and 9003), Chrome-plated Brass.

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