Black Emerald

A stunning Tailor Made island created to be the focal point of this space, featuring dark colours and elegant details: an island that stands out majestically in the centre of the room. The design of the Shine Black Stone used for the worktop pairs beautifully with the dark green shade chosen to paint the cooker. The island consists of an area dedicated to different types of cooking, with gas burners, a wok cook top, a pasta cooker and a frytop, as well as a food prep area. To finish the project, along the wall is a washing area, also featuring the same marble top that picks up the tones of the island and completes its function.

Greenville, Delaware, United States.

OG Professional Tailor Made cooker featuring: 4 gas burners, a cooktop for wok cooking, two pasta cookers, a double frytop, and a multi-purpose oven. The kitchen is completed by two refrigerators and a dishwasher.

Colors and Materials
Black Green (RAL 6012), Burnished Brass and Satin Nickel, and Shine Black Stone marble.

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