Metal panel with 3 hammered edges and 2 beveled corners
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Metal panel with 3 hammered edges and 2 beveled corners

COD. ACR1000

The panels sizes match every Officine Gullo cooking range.
Other measurements are available on request.

Stainless Steel / Brass / Copper

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It is that special extra touch to an elegant kitchen, combining Florentine craftsmanship and great functionality.
Large metal panels looking more like tapestries, engraved and hand-hammered, in copper, brass and aluminium.
Treated to ensure durability and strength, the panels can be made to the customer’s choice of size and design.

The ACR1000 panel is available in 3 materials and has a hand-hammered edge on 3 sides and two beveled corners.

Tutti i prezzi sono da considerarsi franco fabbrica, escluse tasse, trasporto, installazione e dazi. I prezzi possono variare da paese a paese poiché gli elettrodomestici e le certificazioni sono diversi.

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