Officine Gullo bridges two worlds: age-old craftsmanship and technological innovation.
Inspiration hails from the past and is restyled for future functionality.

Noble metals only

Fine materials with superlative properties based on bygone traditions are selected and handcrafted in thicknesses that vary between 3 and 7mm, resulting in timeless and beguiling creations.


Copper is the oldest of materials. Enduring and hardwearing, it is a long-term investment for the home. Alongside gold, it is the only naturally coloured metal, bestowing warmth and elegance to interior design. Used since antiquity, copper has remarkable properties: it is natural, hardy, bacteriostatic, light, extremely malleable and straightforward to work. It can be easily folded and shaped.


Stainless steel has the greatest visual impact on the kitchen. A symbol of strength and modernity, it remains unchanged over time, withstanding high temperatures and practical for daily use.


Used for centuries in art, brass is known for its ductility, malleability and resistance against corrosion. Due to the colour and nuances that it acquires, brass brings warmth to surroundings and can be easily matched with any style, from the more classical to the contemporary.

Special techniques

Endless solutions for bespoke kitchens

All Officine Gullo kitchens can be crafted in any colour on the RAL chart, in addition to customized shades available on request. A wide range of finishes is available for the brass details, such as the trims and handles, from classic galvanic finishes, including polished chrome, black or satin-finish nickel, to coloured touches for a tone-on-tone effect or in contrast with the structural colour. Another option is an opaque high-tech finish for an ultra-modern effect.


Burnishing is always performed by hand to darken and lighten surfaces simultaneously, evoking slight ageing on the metal surface. The beauty of brass means that it changes with time, proudly revealing its age.


Brass gains a new form through the galvanizing process. The natural qualities of the material are enhanced with chrome, polished, nickel and matte effects.


Chiseling by master craftspeople ensures that all Officine Gullo products are refined in every detail.


Handcrafted products such as solid brass bars are shaped using a lathe. Every piece is shaped and worked on the lathe before entering into production.

Hand hammering

Hand hammering on the trim and panels accentuates the texture of the metal and achieves unique weave.

Silver Soldering

Metals continue to be soldered by hand for Officine Gullo products because only the human eye can spot details that machinery is still unable to see.

Powder Coating

The technology used to paint the kitchen structure is the same used in the car world. The result is a robust finish that withstands acidity and impact much more than traditional paints.

A gift for the future generations
The antiques of tomorrow

Because of the hardwearing and prized materials with which they are crafted, Officine Gullo kitchens are expertly made to withstand wear and tear over time. While the average lifespan of a kitchen ranges between ten and fifteen years, Officine Gullo kitchens are designed to last forever. Purchasing a Officine Gullo kitchen isn’t something you just do for yourself; it’s for your children and grandchildren too. It is an investment in the future, a leap of faith in the centuries to come.

“At Officine Gullo we manufacture considering much longer timespans than the industrial production in our sector. We create products that can be updated and improved, but never destroyed or forsaken. We work and design for modern living and for the antiques of tomorrow. Every element provides resilience, beauty and prestige derived from the materials used. In every creation, Florentine traditions are blended with meticulous research into function and beauty: we refine the steel structures of our cooking ranges with elements in hand-hammered brass, copper, high-thickness galvanic finishes and engraving, in the same way that artisans in Florence have forged metal for centuries, crafting unique works of art. We are proud to add our name to everything that comes from our workshops, safe in the knowledge that this name will stand the test of time together with our creations.”

Metal and tailoring

A pairing made possible

Varying worlds stand side by side at Officine Gullo: beauty and substance, research and luxury, dexterity and elegance, product and process. In addition to (and perhaps more than) being a brand renowned worldwide for the uniqueness of its kitchens, Officine Gullo is exactly what the name says it is: a workshop where raw materials are cut, folded and shaped by hand to achieve timeless oeuvres. Now, as in the past, human hands hold the secret to alchemic transformation, from pristine matter to sublime creations.

Industrial, pre-finished or semi-finished components do not feature in this process; just pure metal bars and sheets. In other words, in the company workshop, every creation begins from a substance in a raw state. The hammering, burnishing, nickel plating and brass chromium plating, antique effect for steel and powder coating of the structures are conducted in the workshop after parts have been shaped according to the order. The colours are not usually based on a standard chart; instead they are prepared in line with the customer’s specific requests, sometimes in the same shade as their favourite car or the identical hue as their home furnishings, a fresco or an ornament.
The engraving of symbols, emblems and decorations is inspired by traditional Florentine iconography or invented according to the customer’s wishes and family history; the customization is limitless. For Officine Gullo, this means tailoring. By working exclusively on commission, the exception has become the rule and such quality has been achieved that had rarely been seen before in the industrial sector.

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