Explore the world of Officine Gullo kitchens.

For everyone wanting to explore the world of Officine Gullo kitchens and embrace their worth, there is a way to experience this unique production ethos founded on passion, culture, science, technique, and the continual pursuit of quality. It is in the historic center of Florence with an exclusive culinary experience, before heading out into the surrounding verdant hills, where the Design Center and production premises are situated, just a few miles away.



We are located in the historic heart of Florence, in Piazza Ognissanti. This extraordinary place, just like the Renaissance chapels in the Ognissanti church complex, home to masterpieces by Giotto, Ghirlandaio and Botticelli, is a sociable hub where the company presents iconic products and, more importantly, invites guests to experience the very essence of Italian cuisine. Similar to a museum, visitors learn about the history of Italian cooking through specimens of the past and interactive videos. This insight into Italy’s culinary culture culminates in exclusive opportunities to admire internationally renowned chefs at work before tasting their creations prepared using Officine Gullo cooking systems. It’s the best way to experience the potential of these famous appliances.

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The company’s established headquarters are in Antella, nestled in the hills surrounding Florence and close to the Chianti area. Recent remodeling has added a new exhibition space to this location, where clients can acquaint themselves with the quality of Officine Gullo kitchens. Here the Design Center planners are on hand for clients who want to design a kitchen pursuant to their personal tastes. Because every kitchen is fully customizable in its composition, dimensions, colors, and finishes, the design originates from an in-depth exchange between clients and designers who interpret the wishes and culinary traits of the future proprietor. The Materials Library, on the Antella site, is an archive of materials, colors, and finishes, essential in the development of new kitchen projects. Close by, the Creative Lab houses a team of developers who hone the company’s image by curating various channels of communication and shaping projects through photo-realistic rendering and virtual reality experiences.


The 10,000 square meter production campus is located in Strada in Chianti, near Florence, nestled in the Tuscan countryside. This is where the careful craftsmanship of metalworking meets innovative modern technology. In the Officine Gullo production process, every detail is done by hand. No assembly production or standardized components; just materials shaped by expert artisan hands catered to each order. Officine Gullo is exactly what the name says it is: a workshop where raw materials are cut, folded, and shaped by hand to craft everlasting works of art. This is where clients witness how the quest for absolute quality has met modernism, enabling industrial production to rediscover artisanship as its ultimate expression. Because of this, every young craftsperson undertakes a tailored training course when they begin their career in the Officine Gullo workshops. Like in the workshops of old, this teaching is practical and takes place under the guidance of master artisans. The aim is to cultivate a future heritage of expertise and artistry within the company that has made Italian artisanal crafts unique worldwide.

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