Best Kitchen Design: the process by Officine Gullo

The best kitchen designs come from a concentrated dialogue with the client

Best kitchen design

Aspiring to accomplish the very best kitchen design is about values. For Officine Gullo, it’s about putting humans first, their creativity, craftsmanship, and knowledge.


The approach is based on concentrated dialogue with the client and a comprehensive study of the space where the kitchen will be installed. In-house architects guide customers through the process, from design to final testing, meaning that designers intimately understand the client’s tastes, ideas, and expectations. As a result, this meticulous way of working has enabled Officine Gullo to become one of the world’s best kitchen brands.

Plus, the company headquarters near Florence mean that there’s an innate aspiration to embrace tradition and innovate for the future. Following in the footsteps of illustrious ancestors such as Leonardo da Vinci, Leon Battista Alberti and Francesco di Giorgio Martini, who over the centuries made crucial the development of the best kitchen design.






How to Accomplish the Best Kitchen Design

Initial meeting

First, expert designers meet clients in an explorative kick-off meeting to fully comprehend their wishes and desires. The aim is to gain an overview and to find out how many people the customers intend to welcome into their home as guests and the kitchen styles they love, as well as evaluating the space and studying the best kitchen design, including the best range cooker, for the ambience in relation to the remainder of the house.


Secondly, based on the information gathered, the architects develop a tailored study, akin to perfectly fitted attire for the individual wearer, in this case, the client. Once compiled, the project is submitted to the technical team to check its feasibility and functionality.








Technical approval

Having the green list from the technical team leads to 3D rendering and Virtual Reality. High-level research results in the final projection of what the kitchen will look like in the actual home context, from the best double ovens to the best kitchen sink.


Upon final confirmation by the client, the doors open to the Strada in Chianti workshop, which is the family-run company’s pride and joy. In addition to being one of the best Italian kitchen brand, Officine Gullo is exactly what the name says it is. A workshop where raw materials are cut, folded and shaped by hand to achieve a timeless kitchen. The hammering, burnishing, nickel plating and brass chromium plating are shaped according to the order. Antique effect for steel and powder coating of the structures are conducted in the workshop.




Assembly & Installation

Finally, Our skilled technicians assemble and install the handcrafted kitchen in your home. From the best luxury range to the best kitchen sink in high-thickness steel, no element is left to chance. Final testing is conducted before clients begin to enjoy a one-of-a-kind best kitchen design in the comfort and convenience of their own home.


In conclusion, all this is what makes Officine Gullo kitchens unique: regardless of the features and motifs which have become hallmarks of the company’s best kitchen design, every kitchen differs because it reflects the unique wishes and individual lifestyle of its owner.