Multi-temperature wine cellar premium series

Multi-temperature wine cellar premium series


W x H x D (cm): 70 x 165 x 74,2

Burnished Brass / Polished Brass / Satin Nickel / Polished Chrome / Satin Chrome / Gunmetal / Copper

Painted Steel – Custom colour

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The wine storage cabinet KNTLI03F provides similar conditions to wine cellars. A constant temperature prevails throughout the interior and it can be set to between +5 °C and +20 °C as required. Wine storage cabinets are ideal for the long-term storage and maturing of wines. Depending on the set temperature, the wine chiller can however also store more ample stocks of wine at serving temperature.
The body is heavy gauge stainless steel built, the finishing of the trim is customizable, as well as the high-thickness metal that can be painted in any colour.
Maximum number of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles: 200.

LED lighting

LED lighting

Power Cooling

The high-performance Power Cooling system rapidly cools down and creates an even cooling temperature throughout the interior. A door contact switch turns the fan off when the door is opened to save valuable energy.


Door alarm
The audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of the bottles.
Child lock
The child lock is programmed so as to prevent the appliance being inadvertently switched off.

Activated Charcoal filter

Environmental odours can affect wines stored for longer periods. In the wine chiller KNTLI03F, perfect air quality is ensured through an easily-replaceable FreshAir activated charcoal filter.

Ideal humidity

Maintaining the proper humidity is an important aspect for the storage of wines. In this way, corks remain supple and do not dry out. Wine should be stored in a horizontal position to keep the corks moist from the inside. With over 50 % air humidity, the wine cabinets guarantee the perfect conditions. The air humidity can be controlled as required in the wine storage cabinets by pressing the ventilation button.

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