Officine Gullo's professional kitchens are handcrafted in the famous metalwork tradition of Florence, Italy.


When we began to envisage the Officine Gullo collection, we were sure that our creations would have features not typical in kitchens. As we drew our first designs and developed them at our workshop benches, we began talking about our equipment in unusual terms. As one would speak about automobiles, we spoke of ‘cooking machines’.

First, the Engine

First, we dedicated a lot of care to the engine, creating a finely-tuned machine of exceptional precision. Its high-efficiency burners satisfy the advanced requirements of a professional chef or gourmet home cook.

Having accepted no comprises with our ‘cooking machine’, we then added equally advanced accessories: a powerful lava stone barbecue, a mirror-finish fry top, a capacious steamer and professional pasta cooker.

Following Our Tradition

Following the Florentine tradition so dear to us, bodywork of heavy steel is finished with fusions of hand-hammered burnished brass, burnished copper and heavy gauge silver plating.

We had created what we had imagined: a kitchen designed for those who appreciate good food, enjoy the pleasure of living in a refined space and who share our passion for well-made things. We had created the quintessential kitchen.