P60 Cooktop

P60 Cooktop

Standard cooktops p. l. 108 600mm [d.600, w.1080]

Standard cooktops p. l. 108 600mm [d.600, w.1080?] are available as a separate cooktop or integrated into the base units.

Bespoke options for the P60 are 6 high-efficiency solid brass burners (from 3.5 kW to 5.5 kW) or 4 high-efficiency solid brass burners (from 3.5 kW to 5.5 kW) and a cast iron coup de feu (5.5 kW)

Trim Finish & Options

Burnished Brass

Burnished brass is created by applying fire and natural aging agents to solid brass to achieve a natural, warm and beautiful patina. The brass may be polished, brushed and hammered to achieve the desired effect.

Nickeled Brass

This beautiful warm finish is achieved by thickly plating solid brass with nickel that gains a wonderful patina with age. The nickel may be polished, brushed to achieve the desired effect.

Chromed Brass

To achieve our luxurious chrome finish, we apply nickel onto solid brass and polish it before applying a thick layer of chrome to create a mirror-like finish. Chromed brass does not patina or age. Chrome may be polished or brushed.


The colors most popular with our clients are shown below. You may select from 213 colours in the RAL K7 pallet, or for a surcharge, request the custom color of your choice *Brushed Stainless Steel is an applied treatment to the atcual metal and is available for a surcharge

Signal White 9003

Oyster White 9002

Black Grey 7021

Jet Black 9005

Chianti (wine) Red 3005

Sapphire Blue 5003

Moss Green 6005

Maize Yellow 1006

Light Ivory 1015

Brushed Stainless Steel*

Pastel Blue 5024

Pigeon Blue 5014

Distant Blue 5023

Eggplant Violet 4007

Bright Yellow 1021

Beige Grey 7006

Intenso Orange 2001

Ruby Red 3003

Purple Red 3004

Light Green 6021

Fern Green 6025

Green Forest 6009


*Brushed Stainless Steel

Colors to Suit Every Design

With over 213 colors to choose from, your custom range will fit in perfectly with your design.