Custom Built Kitchens

Officine Gullo kitchens are custom-made. Every project, from concept to realization, is made to your specific requirements.

In order to fully realize the value of an Officine Gullo kitchen, a short tour through the workshops where ideas take shape is a necessary step as well as a fascinating journey.

The workshop and the foundry are two line segments that proceed in parallel until reaching the inevitable tangential point, when the kitchen is assembled for the dress rehearsal. But let’s proceed in order: it all begins with the plan put down on paper and studied together with the customer down to the very last detail. When the plans are delivered to the workshop, the technicians begin working on the 2 to 3 mm-thick stainless steel plates. These plates make up the so-called cassoname, that is composed by, chests of drawers, shelves and cabinets on which the professional cooking tops and appliances are installed.

At the same time, they work on details: knobs, frames, panels are handmade one by one, by turning full brass bars on a lather and engraving into the finest metal plates with a pantograph. When all the components are ready, the kitchen is assembled to get a general picture of what it will look like. This is a very important stage, as it allows technicians to check the precision of the components and the kitchen’s visual harmony as a whole.

Then the kitchen is dismantled again for the last step of the process: the painting and final treatments that lend the kitchen its definitive appearance.

A thorough and meticulous job, as required by a bespoke kitchen.